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Tennis Rules and Regulations

April 19, 2016

Below are the Rules and Regulations for the use of the tennis courts:




  1. The tennis courts are open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. daily.


  1. Players must call the Pro Shop 732-449-8883, in advance to reserve court time.


  1. All players must register at the Pro Shop prior to play. Family members of Fairway Mews residents, such as children or grandchildren, may play for free. Non-family member guests will be charged a fee of $2 per day payable in the Pro Shop. A seasonal guest pass is available for $35 per person available in the FMCA office.


  1. Those not possessing proper identification will be asked to leave.


  1. Proper tennis attire required; meaning the followingno aerobic or gym clothing, no swim suits, no cut-offs, no jeans, no tank tops for men(men must have sleeves), and no bare midriff attire will be allowed!  Players not adhering to the dress code will be asked to leave the courts.


  1. Players will wear proper footwear at all times.


  1. When playing singles, court time will be limited to one (1) hour if others are waiting to play.


  1. When playing doubles, court time will be limited to two (2) hours on weekdays if others are waiting to play. On weekends, doubles play is limited to one-and-one half (1-1/2) hours if others are waiting to play.


  1. Court time is forfeited if players are not ready to play within ten (10) minutes of reservation time.


  1. Non-players, adult or child, are prohibited from standing or sitting inside the court fencing. This includes babies and/or toddlers in carriages and/or strollers.


  1. Anyone riding a bicycle to the tennis courts is asked to put the bicycle in the rack provided on the parking lot side of the Clubhouse. Bicycles are not to be placed against the building or the refuse bin.


  1. Smoking is never permitted on the tennis courts.


  1. Tennis lessons are only available from Board designated FMCA Tennis Professional.
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