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Golf Course Dress Code and Rules

April 22, 2016


  1. DRESS CODE: Players must have proper attire, proper footwear and necessary equipment when on the golf course. Sharing equipment is prohibited. Gentlemen are required to wear a collared shirt and golf slacks/shorts. Shorts should be no shorter than 4″ above the knee. Ladies are required to wear proper attire specifically designed for golf. Golf dresses, mid-thigh length skirts/skorts, slacks, mid-thigh length shorts are considered appropriate attire. All shirts must be collared. T-shirts, halter-tops, sweatpants, spandex, jeans, leggings (unless worn under shorts or skort), are not permitted. Players must wear golf shoes with soft spikes. Metal spikes are not permitted. Sandals, loafers, flip-flops, high heels, street shoes etc. are not permitted. Members must advise their guests of the dress code. Members and guests will not be permitted to play unless properly attired.
  1. All players must sign in at the Pro Shop. All play must start at the first tee only unless directed elsewhere by the Golf Professional. Residents, when requested, must display their I.D. cards. All guests must be registered by a resident. If Guest Books are being used, all appropriate information must be filled out. The Golf Professional shall have the authority to approve all guests. Residents/Members must advise guests of the rules and are responsible for the conduct and play of their guests. Reservations may not be made more than one (I) week in advance.
  1. The golf course is for the play of golf only. No practice of any kind is permitted except in the designated practice area near the 1 7th This area is not open during the day. It may be used before 8 a.m. and after 7 pm. Please note practice shots must be hit from the practice tee only and no shots are allowed to hit the 17th green.
  1. Players under 12 will be permitted with adults when approved by the Golf Professional. Toddlers and young children are not permitted on the golf course. The golf course may not be used as a playground/ball field. Residents and guests are to remind children of the dangers of going onto the course. The golf course is not to be used as a short cut when walking through Fairway Mews. Dog walking is not permitted on the golf course. No loitering will be permitted around the Clubhouse area.
  1. Play by residents and/or guests may not begin prior to the golf course opening.
  1. Foursome play is recommended at all times. No more than four golfers to a group unless previously approved by the Golf Professional.
  1. The course is reserved league play as follows:

Tuesday 8:30 am — Men’s League        Wednesday 8:30 am Ladies 18-Holers

Thursday 8:30 am – Ladies 9-Holers      Thursday 9:30 am — Men’s 9-Holers

Regular play will resume no later than 12:30 p.m. each of these days. Please call the Golf Shop for the first available tee time on a specific day.

  1. Any golfer damage (windows, fences, automobile, etc.) done while on Fairway Mews property, is the “player/persons” responsibility. Any damage MUST be handled between property owner and “player/persons. Lastly, all incidents MUST be reported to the Golf Shop, immediately.
  1. Guest Books provide for 12 rounds of golf for the price of 10. Sale of Guest Books will be limited to two (2) books per unit during this season. Guest Books expire at years end and cannot be carried over to the next season.
  1. Always check with the Pro Shop for condition of the course and observe all cart signs and roped off areas.
  1. Course is closed on Mondays. No practice on Mondays in any areas including the practice green. The course will be open on the following Monday holidays, Memorial Day and Labor Day and closed on the following Tuesday.
  1. Rake traps after play. Replace divots on tees with provided materials. All divots shall be replaced.
  1. Golf carts must be kept 30 feet from greens and tees.
  1. Handcarts are not permitted on tees, greens or collars around the green.
  1. Residents are obligated to make sure guests are aware of all rules and regulations when playing the course
  1. All players must observe Winter Course Conditions in the off season, which include all of the above and the use of temporary tees and greens.
  1. Refer to the golf score card for local rules.
  1. All singles and twosomes may be paired with like groups at discretion of Golf Professional.
  1. All Golf Fees, Guest Books, Membership and Trail Fees are non-refundable. Please Note: Trail Fee applies ONLY TO THE PAID CART. Payment of Trail Fees does not entitle anyone to the use of a Fairway Mews golf cart. Any time a Fairway Mews golf cart is used, the proper cart fee must be paid by the person(s) using the cart. No substitutions allowed. No exceptions!

Violations of these rules, and/or others posted at the Clubhouse and Pro Shop will be brought to the attention of the Golf Committee. Infractions of the F.M.C.A. Golf Rules & Regulations will result in a warning letter for the first violation. The second violation will result in a hearing before the F.M.C.A. Golf Covenants Committee. The F.M.C.A. Golf Committee has the right to suspend a member’s participation in golf leagues, scrambles, championships and suspend golf privileges.  Further infractions may result in suspension of Fairway Mews community privileges: i.e., gate entrance cards, pool privileges, etc. and monetary fines.


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