Phase 5-0


  1. Gutter washing will commence around the third week in May. The timing will be perfect, since (McMahon) Jersey Shore Power Wash will commence cleaning on Monday June 4th  We have used this company in the past and they are committed to excellence.  Unit owners will be given plenty of time to prepare.  All three buildings along with garages, balconies and walkways from your front door to parallel sidewalk will be cleaned. 

       Details for rear patio…. anyone wanting their patio/deck cleaned is $25.00 plus NJ Sales Tax.           

       We will collect those checks or cash prior to June 4th.  Anything on your patio that you do not want to get wet should be removed prior to June 4th.  This also applies to gutter washing.        


  1. We received bids for the replacement of the “Black Valances” on Buildings One (1-11 Linden Dr.) and Building Two (13-23 Linden Dr.) The current valances are 16 years old.  The pricing is based on all 12 units.  This will be a discussion item at our first meeting in June.


  1. The Board will consult with various vendors this year to see when our roofs need to be replaced. We had a professional engineers report done (Becht Engineering BT, Inc.) in October 2014 and at that time it was determined we had 10 years left.  We should be down to 6 years.   We will also look into pricing for sealing and repairing asphalt driveways, concrete pads/sidewalks where applicable.


  1. The Board would like to remind everyone there are forms available in the office to be used to make a suggestion or comment with regard to lawn and shrubbery care. Just return it to the office with your concerns and or suggestions.  It will either be addressed by FMCA or Phase V.


  1. Concerns and or constructive input are always welcomed. Just contact your Board of Directors.


Spring is in the air, though you would not know it by the cool weather. 


We look forward to all our friends and neighbors returning from their warmer winter get away and wish them a safe trip back.


Phase V Board of Directors