Phase 5-0


Phase 5-0 is ending 2018 with wonderful news for all unit owners.  We have completed the full replacement of all vent boxes (where all your bathroom and dryer vent exhausts are connected).  We also had necessary repairs done to 8 and 10 Maple Drive.


Should you plan to leave your unit unoccupied in the cold winter months, please for your safety and the safety of others shut your water off.  In fact, local plumbers will blow out your entire system and winterize your toilets and drains for a nominal fee.  With the latter, you will be stress free should your heating system fail.  Your pipes will not freeze since all water was drained.


2019 will bring us a New Year with continued excitement within the boundaries of Fairway Mews.  Golf, tennis, bocce to mention a few.  We will be looking forward to the return of our fellow unit owners who have left for the winter and spring a favorite time of the year.


Our next scheduled meeting will be sometime in either May or June of 2019.