Phase 6-1

News and Views for Phase VI-1


  1. Dues for 2019 were increased to $365 per month, which includes the increased costs for insurance that were passed onto all Mews’ Associations.


  1. Many thanks to all the owners who were present at the Annual Meeting. The following key issues were discussed:


New roofing will be required in 2022/2023. There will be competitive bidding and meetings with the unit owners before any final decisions are made regarding the contractor and the costs involved. Seaview II has just selected a roofing contractor and we shall be monitoring their progress and satisfaction.

The budget discussion indicated that 75% of our dues are passed onto the Fairway Mews Board and the balance of the funds goes to local maintenance, local expenses and the Association’s reserves.


  1. The Board has approved a plan to obtain costs and timing to mask the utility boxes that appear on many lawns. They are unsightly and will be hidden to improve the appearance of our outdoor areas.


  1. All residents are encouraged to attend Spring Lake Heights city council meetings to make known the presence and concerns of Mews residents. There are bond issues, capital spending proposals, pension adjustments, staff hiring, etc. under discussion, all of which affect our property taxes. Meetings are held the first and third Mondays at 8pm at the Municipal Building at 555 Brighton Avenue.


  1. Unit owners are reminded that, if your unit is rented, renters must sign a minimum one year lease and a copy of that signed lease must be filed with the Mews office.


  1. As a result of meeting with FMCA management regarding the efficacy/thoroughness of lawn and shrubbery care, there is now a form available in the Mews office to be used to make a complaint or comment. Just return it to the office with your concern/suggestion/compliment.


Many thanks to everyone for their cooperation! Be safe and healthy!!


Phase VI-1 Board of Directors