Phase 6-1

News and Views for Phase VI-1


  1. All residents are encouraged to attend Spring Lake Heights city council meetings to make known the presence and concerns of Mews residents. There are bond issues, capital spending proposals, pension adjustments, staff hiring, etc. under discussion, all of which affect our property taxes. Meetings are held the first and third Mondays at 8pm at the Municipal Building at 555 Brighton Avenue.


  1. Unit owners are reminded that, if your unit is rented, renters must sign a minimum one year lease and a copy of that signed lease must be filed with the Mews office.


  1. The Board has developed a renewable Five Year Financial Plan in order to plan for major capital expenditures that can be anticipated. For example, new roofing will be required in five years. Decisions must be made regarding assessments and their timing so as to mitigate the financial impact on unit owners.


  1. As a result of meeting with FMCA management regarding the timeliness/thoroughness/efficacy of lawn and shrubbery care, there is now a form available in the Mews office to be used to make a complaint or comment. Just return it to the office with your concern/suggestion.


  1. Phase VI-1 Board meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday at 2:30pm at the Club House. Detailed minutes are available from any board member. The major issues discussed at the July 19 meeting were as follows:


  1. The monies in our reserve account have been placed in a 13 month CD at a 2.2% interest rate.
  2. Work orders have been approved to replace 5 driveways, fix a sewage problem, eliminate 5 instances of carpenter bees and replace outside lights for 17 units.
  3. All unit owners are encouraged to attend the Phase VI-1 Annual Meeting which will be held at 7pm on September 14 at the Club House.

Many thanks to everyone for their cooperation! Enjoy this great summer weather! Be safe and healthy!!


Phase VI-1 Board of Directors