Phase 6-1



 News and Views for Phase 6-1

  1. All residents are encouraged to attend Spring Lake Heights city council meetings to make known the presence and concerns of Mews residents. There are bond issues, capital spending proposals, pension adjustments, staff hiring, etc. under discussion, all of which affect our property taxes. Meetings are held the first and third Mondays of each month at 8pm at the Municipal Building at 555 Brighton Avenue.
  • Unit owners are reminded that, if your unit is rented, renters must sign a minimum one year lease and a copy of that signed lease must be filed with the Mews office.
  • All unit owners must have their dryer vents cleaned out every two years to prevent a potential fire hazard. The Mews office has names of companies which do the inspection/cleaning.
  • Regarding Live Oak Landscaping’s performance, there is a form available in the Mews office to be used to make a complaint or comment. Just return it to the office with your concern/suggestion/compliment and action will be taken.

Many thanks for your cooperation! Please stay healthy and be safe!!

Phase 6-1 Board of Directors