Phase 6-1

News and Views for Phase VI-1


  1. Thanks to all who attended our Annual Meeting. There were excellent inputs into our planning for the future. It was great to see two of our newest owners there!


  1. Raccoons have been reported at 2 of our units. Although the Association does not pay for removal of these animals, the Board has approved, at no cost to owners, the installation of screens on roof vents to preclude the problem spreading to other units. This action has already been taken.


  1. The Board is in the process of developing a Five Year Financial Plan and determining what major capital expenditures are to be anticipated. For example, new roofing will be required within five years. Decisions must be made regarding assessments and their timing so as to mitigate the financial impact on unit owners.


  1. As a result of meeting with FMCA management regarding the timeliness/thoroughness/efficacy of lawn and shrubbery care, there is now a new form available at the main office to be used to make a complaint. Just return it to the office with your concern/suggestion.


  1. We have a new contractor, Exquisite Exteriors, for gutter maintenance. They will clean and clear gutters and downspouts and remove all waste found twice a year. There is no additional cost to owners as the Association is paying for this service. Residents’ water may be needed for the downspout cleaning.


We hope everyone is enjoying the great fall weather!! Many thanks to all for your cooperation!!


Phase VI-1 Board of Directors